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Jordache launched in 1978 when three brothers from Brooklyn - Ralph, Joe, and Avi Nakash, introduced sexy, European denim fashions to the U.S. market. With exceptional form-sitting silhouettes for both men and women, an iconic horse-head logo and unique back-pocket stitching, Jordache became a household name and an innovator in denim for years to come. Today, Jordache Enterprises, Inc. has expanded with a diversified portfolio across apparel, hospitality, real estate holdings, and beyond, but has maintained it's unique position as a premium designer brand. With various labels of quality denim and apparel under it's hero brand name, each is distinguished by price point, demographic target, and distribution.  


Three Brooklyn-based brothers - Joe, Ralph, and Avi Nakash, bring form-fitting jeans for both men and women to the U.S. market for the first time. They create a brand name using letters from their first and last names, and Jordache is born! 


Jordache debuts their first campaign, with an initial ad featuring a topless woman on horseback. This commercial is rejected by the TV networks, creating immediate buzz for the new brand, and is followed by an aggressive $100 million print and television campaign. The iconic, Jordache Look jingle appears across broadcast networks, and Jordache quickly becomes the must-have denim brand and a household name.  


By this time, over 60 international licensees employ the Jordache name, expanding Jordache offerings beyond jeans.


Jordache enlists celebrity spokespeople including Brittany Murphy, Elizabeth Hurley, and Heidi Klum to appear in high profile campaigns to support expansion with various mass and luxury retail partners. 


Jordache signs Sarah Jessica Parker for a national campaign tied to the launch of it's first e-commerce platform, followed by the first ever mother-daughter campaign with Alessandra Ambrosio and her daughter, Anja.  


As market trends point towards vintage brands, Jordache responds with the launch of the Heritage collection, available Fall 2018.


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